Pool Renovation Starting September 10th

NCK Wellness Center Natatorium Renovation During 25th Year In Service

The Pool and Hot Tub at the NCK Wellness Center are about to undergo a facelift.  Starting on September 10th, the Natatorium (aka. pool & hot tub) will be closed for a month to do some major maintenance that’s been needed for quite a while. There is never an ideal time to close the pool.  For many, it is an essential tool for rehabilitation and maintenance of the ability to move long into their lives.  However, getting a company to travel to North Central Kansas to do the jobs necessary is not an easy task. Clark Waage & his company built the pool and hot tub in 1993 and is willing to come out to do the necessary work but since it is a “small job” it must happen in his off-season.  The work needed that Clark & his crew will complete includes demo and re-plaster of the hot tub, new jet installation, draining and acid washing pool to improve discoloration, checking and replacement of drain covers, and re-caulking around the pool & hot tub. 

When Clark came out to visit to review the project at hand, he was extremely impressed at how well members and staff have cared for the pool and spa over the years. The spa plaster must be replaced but the pool plaster seems to be in remarkable shape for its age.  A typical renovation for this type of hot tub and pool would be within 10-15 years from build date and the Wellness Center Natatorium is 25 years old this year!!! 

The Wellness Center Natatorium is important to this community and the reason that the fitness center was built.  The mission of the Wellness Center is to provide a supportive environment for sustaining and improving the wellness of our members & to promote a culture of healthy living in this community and North Central Kansas. The pool plays a vital piece in that mission.  To swim in a comparable pool, locals would have to drive at least an hour.  Some guests and members drive up to an hour to get to Beloit to the indoor pool.  There are many stories coming forth of the impact the pool has had on the health and longevity of the citizens of our area!  Therefore, it is important the pool and hot tub be maintained and the NCK Wellness Center Board of Directors is dedicated to that. 

This project is a massive undertaking and the burden of doing the job is not light. Pool work is very labor-intense, expensive work. What is small to pool companies is not small to the NCK Wellness Center.  If you are inclined to donate to the project, please contact Lori May (lorimay@outlook.com or 785-738-3995) for more information.  It was made clear during the planning process for the development of the Wellness Center that the community did not want the Wellness Center to be a tax-funded entity but instead a 501(c)(3) operating on membership dues, facility rental, and donations.  Therefore, receipts for a tax-deductible donation will be provided for any donations received. 

If you have very little desire to donate a monetary amount, your commitment to continuing your membership or joining the fitness center through the renovation process would be greatly appreciated.  “It is very important to me to be a good steward of membership funds.  Our community is extremely blessed to have a facility of this scale and quality available for less than a similar facility would cost in a much larger community and it’s my job to make sure that it is still here 30 years from now and just as nice as the first day I walked in the facility in awe of its size and quality,” said Lori May, Director of the NCK Wellness Center.  “I want to be sure to thank the community for their continued support of the NCK Wellness Center over the past 12 years,” says May.  The Staff looks forward to serving you and will be planning a grand re-opening of the Natatorium to show off the completed project.



Lori May, Director

NCK Wellness Center, Inc.

Beloit, Kansas