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Delay the Disease: The #1 Parkinson’s Exercise Program

The NCK Wellness Center currently offers Delay the Disease classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm. DTD is a fitness program designed specifically for persons with Parkinson’s disease. It provides an opportunity for regular exercise, a critically important tool for minimizing the effects of the disease. The classes focus on exercises that target Parkinson’s symptoms. Class participants can experience a reduction in daily functional challenges as well as improvements in mobility, posture, balance, and speech volume.

Classes are free to NCK Wellness Center members! 

Taught by Lori Guile, NCK Wellness Center Director, ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist, and Delay the Disease certified instructor. Contact Lori at for more info!  


The Wallyball net is available just outside the racquetball court.  If you’d like to play, contact the front desk to schedule a time. Wallyball is played just like Volleyball, but you can use the walls to get the ball over the net. It is lots of fun with 2 or 3 people on a team and a great cardio workout. You can find videos of Wallyball online or you can ask at the front desk for a rules book to explain the game to you. Be sure to reserve the room for free if you’d like to give it a shot!