Survivor Challenge 2019

Each week a health challenge will be issued. Each participant must try to complete the task to the best of his or her ability. Individual results must be recorded by you or turned in by e-mail or a phone call by Noon on Mondays. They will be recorded on a score sheet at the Wellness Center Front Desk. The results will be recorded based on the honor system.

After a challenge is issued, it must be achieved each week thereafter. Week one will have one challenge. Week two will have a new challenge plus the challenge from week one. Therefore, week 2 has 2 challenges. Week three will have a new challenge, plus the 2 challenges from week one and two for a total of three challenges and so on. To be eligible for Immunity, you must achieve the highest standard for ALL of the challenges.

There are 3 levels in the Survivor Challenge. The highest level is Immunity. To reach this level, the participants must meet the standards set forth for that level on the following sheet. The Contender level is a level of activity accepted by the American College of Sports Medicine as the minimum activity needed for health. The lowest level is Tribe Has Spoken. This means that you have not completed the required level of participation and are kicked off the island.

Each week individuals who achieve the Immunity and Contender levels will have their name put into a drawing for whichever level they make. At the end of the Survivor Challenge, both the Immunity and Contender levels will have prizes drawn for them. The goal is to hit the Immunity level as many times as you can, therefore, giving your self more chances to win one of the grand prizes! If the Tribe has Spoke level is hit any time during the six weeks you will no longer be eligible for prizes.

As always, we recommend getting your physician’s approval before embarking on this adventure with us!

Weekly Challenges: Cardio, fruits/veggies, strengthening  (weights), drinking water, giving up fast food and sweets, and swimming or participating in a group exercise class! You up for the challenge?!