Pool & Hot Tub Open (Updated 7/25)

The pool is open and a beautiful temperature (around 83)!  We hope you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a new pool boiler soon! Thank you to Watts!

The hot tub is open and up to temp (103 degrees) as of 7/20/17.  Thank you to Jim’s Water & Woods out of Hutch! 

As most regular users of the pool know, we’ve been having ample issues arise with both the hot tub and the pool. Therefore, I want to update everyone on the status. The hot tub water filter failed and must be replaced. Indoor hot tubs are not top priority for pool companies in the middle of outdoor pool season but we’ve found a company willing to do the work for us and they will be installing a new hot tub filter for us. The same day I ordered the new hot tub filter, the pool boiler quit working. Watts will be taking care of the replacement of that boiler for us. The hot tub must be closed because no filtration is not safe.  However, the pool remains open but is 81 degrees rather than the normal 83 degrees. It has felt exceptionally cold coming in from 100-109 degree outdoor temps and we look forward to it working well again soon! Both the pool and hot tub should be running at normal operation before July 21st!

If you have questions, call my cell at 785-458-9236.