Personal Training


It’s not just about how you look but also how you feel. Personal training can better your body physically, but also mentally. Personal attention during your workout and focusing on the goals you desire is what our personal trainer is here for. Call 785-738-­3995 to learn more about training. Our personal trainer will set up a meeting to meet with you and talk about your overall goals and expectations. While focusing on your goals, our trainer will also focus on many areas of the body such as cardiovascular, endurance, strength, proprioception, coordination, mental wellness, & flexibility to improve overall body fitness.

Benefits of Personal Training

Having someone hold you accountable for your health and fitness results. Having someone who will push you but also understand what challenges you are trying to accomplish. Build confidence in yourself. Learn how to properly perform exercises. Learn the facts and myths of how to accomplish the body you want.
Individual Training­ $40/session: $190/5 sessions: $360/10 sessions The session lasts one hour and focuses on the goals that you have presented to our personal trainer. The trainer will also develop on areas that can improve your overall health. Focuses will lie in areas of cardio, strength, proprioception, coordination, mental well­being, and overall wellness.
Partner Training: see trainer for details Focusing on all the areas as the individual personal training session, but also trying to complete exercises that will make each other push themselves and rely on each other in order to complete certain exercises. This can be a way to start your overall fitness journey but in a more casual way because you have a friend by your side for more accountability & support.