Kids (14 and under)

Get Your Kids Active at the Wellness Center!

Ideas of things to do with children under age 14 at the Wellness Center

Anyone under the age of 14 is required to be directly supervised by someone 18 or older while in the facility.  Those under 14 are allowed in the racquetball court, gymnasium, pool, group exercise classroom and on the walking/jogging track with direct adult supervision.  We have a variety of equipment available for use.  If you don’t see what they’d like to play with, just ask.  We may have it! 


Walking/Jogging Track

This is a recent addition for children so there is an active option while parents are working out on the cardio/strength floor.  Children may walk or jog on the track and need to be mindful of those around them.  We typically say age 5 is a starting age for being able to walk or jog while caregivers work out on equipment, but you are the best judge of your child.  Many members who use the track are unstable on their feet and you don’t want your child responsible for a fall.  The track lines do act as the boundary.  Children are not allowed on the black floor.



Play Basketball

Play Kickball

Play Volleyball

Play Horse

Play Line Tag

Simon Says

Stuck in the Mud

Parent Option: Many walk/jog the perimeter of the gymnasium or do a body weight or TRX workout while the kids play in the middle: 20 laps is about 1 mile.


Racquetball Court

Schedule a racquetball appointment for you and your child…rules & regs are available at the front desk

Schedule a Wallyball appointment for your whole family



Free play

Pool Classes

Various exercise equipment

Private Pool Parties are available outside of open pool hours


Group Exercise Classroom

Various group exercise classes are available at the NCK Wellness Center.  A child can attend if they are capable of keeping up with the adults in the class and their supervisor is participating or watching as well.    

Musical Mats (bring a cd player)

Learn how to use resistance bands, exercise balls, or small dumbbells


Hours for children age 14 – 18 years old at the WC

Children 14-18 may use the Wellness Center without adult supervision with parental approval.  It is the parent’s responsibility to set up a time to get a keytag for the child that is of age on the family membership.  If a keytag has not been set up, we will assume they do not have parental approval.  There is not staff on duty at all times.  If you do not trust your children to act as adults, they should not be granted access.  Current hours for Fitness Center & Pool are listed below.


Fitness Center

Monday through Friday 6am-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm



Monday 6-11am & 4-7pm

Tuesday 6-7:30am & 4-7pm

Wednesday 6-11am & 4-7pm

Thursday- 6-7:30am & 4-7pm

Friday – 6am-11am & 4-6:30pm

Saturday 8am-11am

Sunday 1-5pm

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