The WC’s Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a family membership?

A family membership is immediate family (primary member, spouse, and dependents under age 21) living in the same household.  

If I drop my membership and rejoin later, do I have to pay the initiation fee again?

As of January 2017, there is no longer an initiation fee.  

My kids haven’t started 7th grade yet, can they swim or play basketball alone?

Children who have not yet entered 7th grade have access to the walking track, pool, gym, and racquetball court. They must be supervised in these areas by an adult 18 years or older.  

Do I have to wear a swimsuit in the pool/spa?

Yes, all patrons must have proper swim suits. Cut-offs, jean shorts, and t-shirts are not acceptable.  

Do I have to be a member to participate in group exercise classes? Is there an additional charge?

Group exercise is a service for our members and guests. Group exercise classes are free with the purchase of a 12-month membership. Monthly members can participate in an unlimited number of classes for an additional fee of $10 per month. Visitors may participate in classes with the purchase of a day pass.  

What if I do not know how to use the weight/cardio machines?

The front desk attendant is always ready to help members and guests get set-up on a machine. If you would like a detailed walk-through of all the machines and a personalized exercise program set-up for you, you may schedule personal training session and/or workout development!  

Can I walk my pet in the gym?

No pets are allowed in the facility at any time, unless it is a special needs circumstance.  

Do I need special shoes to come work out?

No sandals, open-toed shoes, or boots are allowed onto the track, exercise machines, gym, racquetball, or group exercise floors. To help maintain our floors, only non-marking soled shoes are allowed. Please be sure shoes are free of rocks, sand, and mud. Please carry shoes in during inclement weather.  

Are exercise mats provided for group exercise classes?

Yes, we do provide exercise mats for group exercise. If you would rather bring your own mat from home, that is ok as well.  

I lost my membership keytag; can I get a new one?

If you have misplaced your membership key-tag, come see the front desk. There is a $5 replacement charge for lost key-tags. If you key-tag no longer works do to normal wear & tear, we will replace your key-tag at no cost.  The same applies to keyfobs but replacement fee for a fob is $10 and we must know if you have lost yours so we can cancel it so a random person doesn’t have a key to the front door!