Fitathlon– Looking for a program to get in shape for the new year? Or wanting a training plan for the Triathlon? We have a 7 week plan designed for YOU, which will help keep you accountable with the start of the New Year. January 7th- February 23rd. 

**First 5 to sign up get a FREE trial of Optimize 365!

Triathlon– February 23rd– You really CAN do it! Just Tri! 
Sprint Race: 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run.
Super Sprint: 150 yard swim, 6 mile bike, 1 mile run. 
*Distances are same for teams. Cost $30
Optimize 365 -Nutrition & Fitness Coaching with NETA Certified Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach, Jill Grauerholz
If you are fed up with trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feeling sick & tired….you NEED to take a look at this program. On this program, you make small, incremental changes that will help YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!   For more information on the classes and programs that Jill offers, download the NCK Wellness Center app, visit, contact NCK Wellness Center, Inc. at 785-738-3995 or feel free to text or call Jill directly at 785-738-7107.   
New Group Exercise Classes Monthly– A new group exercise schedule is released every month and posted to the App. Classes that average fewer than 4 people on average are removed from the schedule to make room in the budget for classes that can play a role in motivating even more members. If you love a class, commit to it and recruit friends to it so that you can ensure that it stays on the schedule. If you have suggestions on how to make a class even better, be sure to discuss that with your instructor. They love to hear thoughts and ideas. They aren’t serving as a group exercise instructor for the paycheck. They are serving because they LOVE helping people so help them help you!