Sleigh the Gain– Cost: $5-member. Not a Member? You can purchase a membership for the length of the challenge for $75 with no contract.  See front desk for more information.
Object is to Maintain or lose weight over the holidays. Those who do have a chance to win the pot of money. The more people that sign up the more money to win. But wait, there are more ways to better your odds of winning. On top of maintaining or losing through the holidays if you.
• Attend 2 or more group exercise classes each week
• Use the pool 1 or more times each week
• Log 150 minutes of cardio each week
• Make 30 or more free-throws each week.
You will get another chance to win for each of those. That’s 5 chances you could earn to win!
Don’t wait until January to get started, start today!
Weigh in the week before the 25th and weigh back in January 2nd-3rd. Winner will be drawn on the 6th
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Order before midnight on the 20th!
Wellness Center Elite List– Exercise 22+ times in a month and make it on our Member Elite List for that month! The Elite listed is posted at the beginning of the month near our Front Desk and on Facebook. Keep up the awesome work!
Optimize 365 -Nutrition & Fitness Coaching with NETA Certified Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach, Jill Grauerholz
If you are fed up with trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feeling sick & tired….you NEED to take a look at this program. On this program, you make small, incremental changes that will help YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!   For more information on the classes and programs that Jill offers, download the NCK Wellness Center app, visit, contact NCK Wellness Center, Inc. at 785-738-3995 or feel free to text or call Jill directly at 785-738-7107.   
New Group Exercise Classes Monthly (FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS)– A new group exercise schedule is released every month and posted to the App. Classes that average fewer than 4 people on average are removed from the schedule to make room in the budget for classes that can play a role in motivating even more members. If you love a class, commit to it and recruit friends to it so that you can ensure that it stays on the schedule. If you have suggestions on how to make a class even better, be sure to discuss that with your instructor. They love to hear thoughts and ideas. They aren’t serving as a group exercise instructor for the paycheck. They are serving because they LOVE helping people so help them help you! 
If you need a little extra motivation to get yourself into a routine, you can schedule appointments with our personal trainers through your NCK Wellness Center app. Be sure to pick up a personal training brochure to find out just the right amount of coaching and motivation for your needs! We are all different! Embrace that! Figure out what works for YOU!